Cellaraiders By Ben Wallace

SAYING I’M LUCKY to do what I love for a living is an understatement. I’ve turned a passion for wine into a business through which I can share my passion with others. As with any passion, it’s great fun to hunt for and help others find exactly what they’ve been looking for. At the same time, to help those who are ready to liquidate part of their wine collection and find those bottles a new home is a part of that pleasure. The conversations, the learning, the teaching and the friendships made, make doing what I do all the more fun.

cellar raiders

People sell their wine for many reasons: their tastes change, they need to liquidate an investment, perhaps they’re having financial difficulties, they’re downsizing, or just for the fun of changing a collection. If you are looking to sell a small piece of your collection, or the entire cellar, or somewhere in between, send us a bottle description and I’ll get back to you with a quote. Let me know the vintage, producer, quantity, bottle size, and bottle condition (fill level, capsule and label condition.)

You can send me an email with the information about your collection to Ben@cellaraiders.com Based on that information, I’ll answer any questions and follow that up with a bid. I make all transactions smooth and easy.

The bottom line is, the secondary market is a great place to find older wines at prices that rival auction, without waiting, or taking the risk of losing the wine to a higher bidder. I take great pains to make sure that what I buy has been properly cellared. I don’t want to drink, nor do I want to sell, poorly cellared wine.

Cellaraiders has a constantly changing, real-time inventory. Email blasts with new collections are frequently sent to our customers so they get first dibs on new finds. Cellaraiders embraces wine from all countries, but specializes in French, Italian, Domestic and Spanish wines. Please visit our site, where we offer an ever-changing array of interesting wines at reasonable prices. I pride myself on my communication with my clients.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Enjoy, Ben


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