Eagle Air Inc. Private Concierge Charter

Eagle Air Inc. is the private concierge charter company, Where Freedom Reigns.

Not so long ago, air travel was a desired experience, not a tedious chore. With today’s schedule restrictions and long security delays, what once was glorified, has become a dreaded necessity.

Eagle Air and their team of private travel concierges are here to bring back the excitement, convenience and ease of a proper air travel experience - with safety as a priority and without breaking your bank.

Private charters have long been considered as belonging to the realm of the extremely wealthy or influential people. Eagle Air is proving that notion to be outdated, as they provide multiple concierge services that help make private flights accessible to more people than ever before.

In addition to helping you book your private air charter, their travel specialists are ready to assist you in securing hotels, ground transportation, dinner reservations and event tickets. Eagle Air also specializes in traveling with your pets – after all, they aren’t cargo – they’re family!

The Eagle Air team is ready to make sure that your trip itinerary is complete from start to finish so that all you need to do is climb aboard. Eagle Air is about giving you back the freedom of air travel. You work too hard to waste precious moments!

Start planning your vacation getaway or business trip today!