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Summer is all about exploring. That doesn’t just mean around your neighborhood or even just in America. That’s why so many people plan their trips to Europe during the summer months, so they can see something new and experience something they never have before. It’s that sense of adventure that summer brings that ignites the power of travel. And National is here to help you discover it.

Wherever you travel in Europe, with National you have the chance to leave the crowds behind and tour at your own pace. Instead of getting stuck on a bus or trying to stick to someone else’s schedule, having your own car will give you the freedom to explore the way you want, when you want. Looking to spend more time at the magical Mont Saint-Michel in France or experience the thrill of the Autobahn in Germany? Then you need to go beyond the tour guide and take the wheel of your own exploration vacation. Especially if you want to see Europe beyond the landmarks.

Of course, you want to see the side of Europe that’s made popular in books, movies, and magazines. But there’s so much more to see than just that. There’s the drive along the Amalfi Coast in Italy with views that rival the Pacific Coast Highway. Or taking in the beauty of the Grandes Alpes in France as part of a drive that connects 16 mountain passes. The opportunities to explore off the beaten path are endless when you rent car with National.

As you plan to explore Europe this summer, know that National can take you there. It’s not just a better way to get around; it’s the peace of mind of having a brand you trust have your back wherever you go. And now you can save 20% on your rental when you travel in Europe. So what are you waiting for? Explore now!

Discover Europe and Save 20%

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