Attention must be paid to attention

span shrinkage! Living in a Twitter-verse

has redefined our patience threshold.

Reading an article, let alone a book from

start to finish seems like a commitment requiring

way too much time and continued interest. Imagine

making “Gone With the Wind” today with an original

running time of 236 minutes. How do you tell a story

to a distracted audience? How about a story in 120 seconds or less.

In 2016, the Tribeca Film Festival, presented by AT&T and Snap Inc.

launched a SnapChat Shorts program and in 2017 SnapChat shorts

has become an official festival category. Tribeca Snapchat Shorts is a

creative challenge to those passionate about Snapchat and narrative

storytelling to tell a compelling story on a mobile phone.

Here are the requirements: Projects are made using Snapchat

creative tools, like Lenses and Geofilters, and Snap Inc. product, like

Spectacles and Memories. Projects must appear in the Snapchat style.

All video entries must be shot vertically. Submitters are expressly

prohibited from using any additional third party editing apps.

If you think creating a story in 120 seconds or less is a snap, not so

fast. Tribeca Film Festival offers lengthy technological guidelines for

creating a SnapChat short.

Eva Longoria, Andy Cohen, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jason Biggs and Dillon

Francis comprised the panel of jurors who selected the finalists and

winner of this year’s program. Finalists chosen from hundreds of submissions, all under two minutes include:

Annie Hubbard’s “Magic Show,” about a quick-witted magician; Jeff Ayars’ “The Notebook Snapstory,” a Ryan Gosling Notebook spoof; Doug Larlham and Sarah Albonesi’s “Puppy Love,” about a precocious dog who fears losing his owner’s affection; Anna Roisman’s “Owen Wilson Dates Himself,” an Owen Wilson parody; and Brannen Haderle, Alex Berry and Stanley Kalu’s “Live Colorfully,” about a father who transports from a mundane lifestyle to a world of color to connect with his son. The Five SnapChat Shorts finalists premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 25th at the Cinepolis Chelsea Theatre. As part of the Tribeca Snapchat Shorts screening, five additional films premiered created specifically for the 2017 program from filmmakers, including Tribeca alumni. The filmmakers are: Matt Wolf (Teenage, 2011, The Marion Stokes Project, 2015), Natalia Leite (Bare, 2015), Boman Modine, (Merry Xmas - 2015), Parker Hill (One Good Pitch - 2016) and Dasha Battelle and Ani Acopian. Discovering and supporting emerging artists is at the heart of the Tribeca Film Festival’s mission to bring great stories to audiences across any screen. Tribeca is a leader in utilizing new platforms to showcase the next generation of storytellers who are pushing the boundaries of creativity through mobile.