Zuma New York Brings Hanami Season to the Heart of Midtown

Enjoy Sakura Hanami, the annual Japanese springtime cherry blossom celebration in New York this month. Not at the botanic gardens in Brooklyn, but upstairs in the Zuma restaurant lounge, on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

Cherry blossom decor, with over 1,000 imported silk cherry blossoms cascading from the ceiling and wrapping around the lounge’s bar area as well as various plush couches and seating nooks, turn the lush lounge into a bower of blossoms. Hanami-inspired cocktails celebrating cherry blossom season with spring flavors and floral touches lend a pink hue to the bar’s offerings. 

These include a cherry blossom-infused Sakura Gin & Tonic; a Sakura Bellini, an elegant mix of peach puree, Sakura syrup, and prosecco; and the Sakura Sour, a marvelous blend of Nikka Whisky coffee grain, red wine Umeshu, peach, yuzu, Orgeat, and egg white.

A full Izakaya-style dining menu is available in the lounge, as well as downstairs in the handsome, expansive restaurant. The cherry blossom festival at Zuma continues through June. Live DJ in the lounge Tuesday through Saturday evenings. 261 Madison Ave. 212/544-9862