A Specal Waitress Needs Our Help!

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On Wednesday, a condo fire in Stratford left dozens of residents homeless. Longtime Gold’s waitress Karen Alexios was one. She lost everything, except the clothes on her back. Still, she went right back to work. That’s who she is. “Customers adore her,” says owner Nancy Eckl. “They bring her birthday and holiday gifts. She’s very special.” 

Karen’s relationship with Gold’s goes back to her childhood in Bridgeport. Her mother brought her to the deli, because it had “the best chopped liver in the world.” She started waiting tables at 16, at a local bakery. When she was offered at spot at Gold’s — with 2 other offers — the choice was easy. Now Nancy — and her customers, who have known and loved Karen for over 20 years — want to help. “Karen has a huge heart,” a GoFundMe page says. “She always takes care of others.” Now they want to take care of her. (Click here for the Karen Alexos GoFundMe page.)