Motorola Solutions Introduces First TALKABOUT Radios with Mobile App for Ultimate Off-Grid Communica

Motorola Solutions is launching the First TALKABOUT two-way Radios (TALKABOUT T800) with a mobile app, which combines messaging and location sharing capabilities with reliable two-way functionality. 

It is designed specifically for outdoor adventurers who spend time off-grid, i.e. snowmobilers, skiers, hikers, travelers, climbers. About the TALKABOUT T800 and mobile TALKABOUT app:

Outdoor enthusiasts can share and track their locations and send messages with fellow travelers while off the cellular grid Users download the TALKABOUT app to their iPhone or Android device then connect their smartphones to the T800 radios over Bluetooth. The app uses the T800 as a modem to send messages and locations over radio frequencies. Users can share current location, send group messages to alert others for a safety concern or potential meet-up spot Users can set up a designated area and alert others when they are about to leave that area

Maps can be downloaded ahead of time using the TALKABOUT app

TALKABOUT app enables users to control their radio settings directly from the comfort of their smartphone without having to pick up the radios