New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Rally for Safe Staffing and Fair Funding

Public hospital nurses of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation are demanding safe staffing and fair funding as they kick off their contract campaign in Harlem on Tuesday, February 5. “The public hospital system serves one in five New Yorkers and is on track to provide care to hundreds of thousands more this year,” said Judith Cutchin, RN, NYSNA Board Member and President of NYSNA’s NYC H+H/Mayorals Executive Council. “We share in the community call for quality care for all patients. We need attention to conditions in the hospitals, including safe staffing ratios – enough nurses to do their jobs – which also helps us retain experienced RNs. We want to see fair funding for our public facilities. This contract is fundamentally about healthcare justice for the other New York, equality for all in healthcare.” WHAT: NYC Public Hospitals: A Call for Action and Justice WHO: Public hospital nurses from public hospital across NYC along with elected officials and community leaders WHERE: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, American Negro Theater, 1st floor, 515 Malcolm X Blvd., NYC (@135-136 Streets) WHEN: 11am-1pm; press conference at NOON