Richard Dawkins and MIT's Max Tegmark Coming to Somerville Theatre Oct. 13

Two of the most admired and respected scientists of our time, Richard Dawkins and Max Tegmark, will come together at the Somerville Theatre on October 13 for what is sure to be an enlightening and inspiring evening of conversation and ideas. 

Author of such landmark books as The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins’ passion for the wonders of science and the vital importance of reason has inspired millions of admirers. “An Evening with Richard Dawkins” takes the world-renowned evolutionary biologist on a four-city tour of the U.S., engaging audiences with his trademark wisdom, wit, and insight, and sharing the stage with truly remarkable special guests. His first stop is in the Boston area on October 13 at 7pm at the Somerville Theatre, joined by M.I.T. physicist and cosmologist Max Tegmark, author of Our Mathematical Universe and Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, and co-founder of the Future of Life Institute. With two hundred technical papers to his name, Tegmark has been featured in dozens of science documentaries and his work with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey collaboration on galaxy clustering shared the first prize in Science magazine’s “Breakthrough of the Year: 2003.” Dawkins and Tegmark will engage in unscripted conversation, tackling a wide variety of compelling topics spanning science, religion, and more. Tickets are available at “An Evening with Richard Dawkins” is presented by the Center for Inquiry, which seeks to foster a secular society based on reason, science, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. Dawkins will also appear on stage with actor and activist Amber Heard in Phoenix on October 16, Cosmos co-creator Ann Druyan in Los Angeles on October 20, and in San Mateo, California with neuroscientist and author Robert Sapolsky on October 26. At a time when irrationality runs rampant, the fundamentals of science are being denied at the highest levels of power, and “alternative facts” saturate mass media, there has never been a greater need for Dawkins’ approach to forthright, enlightened discourse. Learn more at